My name is Raffaella Dinale, I started painting on porcelain (third fire) when I was 10, taking lessons from Anna Mileto in Casalpalocco (Rome). In 7 years I learned the basics of the classic style, but the true love for this art was born later, in 1993, when I decided to resume lessons from Mimmi Belloni, in Casalpalocco.  With her I learned the art of precision and of miniature, thanks also to the use of the nib. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago, but left an indelible mark in me and I miss the hours spent together with painting.

Since 2015 I have discovered the fantastic world of watercolor, to which I am passionate every day, because it is perhaps the most suitable technique to express my infinite love for nature.
In 2018 I opened my online watercolor shop on Etsy called “Dipingichetipassa”.
I participated in several craft shows, especially in Casalpalocco, where I was born, but also in Ostia and in Rome, which allowed me to show and sell my works and receive orders. I also worked with some stores.

Graduated in 1991 at the Institute of Arts, Crafts and Restoration of Colalucci, I worked as a restorer in various sites in Italy. Since 1994 I have dedicated myself to teaching porcelain and ceramics at my studio in Casalpalocco. With the children we also paint on wood or canvas with acrylic colors, we draw and paint with watercolor pencils and watercolors, we do collage works and we use the imagination with recycled materials (see my Facebook page).

From 2009 to 2013 I held art classes at the Agorà alla Madonnetta elementary school. With the association Smileofkids I participated in several artistic workshops in my neighborhood (at the Primaverde plant nursery in Acilia, at the Madonnetta park, at the Southland English School) especially for Christmas and Easter. For several years I have been collaborating with my friend Cecilia (Officina delle Arti Antiche) for ceramics courses or frescoes for adults and children at the Castle of Santa Severa, the church of Santa Pudenziana and the museum Lo Stadium of Domitian in Piazza Navona. We also work in schools in Rome and Cerveteri. In the gallery you will find photographs of some of my works to give you an idea of ​​my style. If you like them and you also want to create something with your own hands, you can subscribe to my lessons.

Many of my works have been taken from various books of illustrations, especially by Marjolein Bastin, which my teacher also adored. They are therefore not the result of my creation and can not be commercialized. I painted them for myself or to give them away just for the pleasure of learning how to paint nature. I wanted to show them to give you an idea of ​​my work

these are some photos of exhibitions in which I participated